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Sharepoint ships with one basic fieldtype and two fieldcontrols implementing one-way relations between lists: LookupField, LookupFieldControl, MultipleLookupFieldControl. The fieldtype is used to store the data in the listitem. The fieldcontrols are used to visually display the data contained in the fields. The LookupField-fieldtype has the setting "Allow multiple values" which enables the selection of multiple items from the source-list.
It's important to remember that one should use the MultipleLookupFieldControl when "Allowing multiple values" or an exception will be thrown.

An out-of-the-box Sharepoint lookup-field has very basic functionality: an contenteditor can select one or more items from a list by choosing value of a selected field (most often: Title). The value of selected field of the chosen listitem will be displayed as an hyperlink to that specific listitem.

In some cases you might want the contenteditor to be able to select an item from a list but display not

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